Women’s Marches in USA have evolved. They are now focusing on 2020 with ‘Say no to Trump’ motive

Two years ago, women in the United States started flooding the streets to protest against President Trump and sexism. Millions of them donned their pink pussy hats and took to the streets, with one motive: to get Trump out of office, and create equal rights for women.

How effective have the women’s marches been?

The marches have been extraordinarily effective in creating awareness for two things: how women are treated in the United States, and put a stop to sexism. While sexism continues, women are certainly more confident about asking and insisting on equal rights and equal pay, and certainly more vocal in saying no, and getting men to ‘listen’.

President Trump is still in office, and this is where the women marches kept hitting a brick wall. Trump continues to lead the US, despite the 22 allegations of sexual abuse against him, and in spite of the lies, political spins and an administration in disarray.

Women across the country have come together once again to strategize, and the next set of marches is going to be hugely political with one main aim:

Stop Trump from winning the 2020 election. 

Women’s marches are not without their issues

While nobody can compare any of the issues within the women’s movements to the enormous issues within the Trump administration, there have been controversies and problems. The co-founder of the Women’s March, Vanessa Wruble, has said that while the initial movement has now splintered into a few different groups, this is not a bad thing. 

Women are working hard, and still together, gaining momentum with their one aim: to stop Trump. They are all committed and the results are tangible. More women have been elected into office this year than ever before, and the balance of power within the government is becoming equal, albeit slowly. Men are now increasingly aware about the way they should treat and talk to women, although not enough has changed.

The women’s movement is not going away

The women’s marches began as a reaction to Trump’s presidency, but has now moved from being reactive to proactive. Women are being asked to come out in thousands over the next few months, starting off this weekend with a ‘March to the Polls 2020’.

The marches are meant to encourage women to vote and ensure that Trump has no chance to another term in office. ‘March On’ is a movement that is going to become huge with various organizations̶ Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Move On, American Civil Liberties Union, Rock the Vote, Emerge America and more̶ coming together to ensure that America sees women equality.

March On!