“We shall Eradicate ISIS 100 percent” – President Donald Trump

The US President Donald Trump has warned that there could be “dangerous remnants” from the ISIS group when their territory “Caliphate” is decimated next week.

In his address to the anti-terror global coalition members, who gathered in Washington on Wednesday, President Donald Trump said that the ISIS group has been technically defeated because of the plans he put in place when he took over the office in 2017.

Trump explained that when he came to office the situation was a “mess” and that is why he directed the Pentagon to come up with a plan to directly confront the terror group by setting up US partners in Syria and Iraq.

Trump insists that by next week, the ISIS territory will be a thing of the past. “It should be formally announced sometime next week that we will have 100 percent of the caliphate. I want to wait for the official word. I don’t want to say it too early,” the president said.

With the extinction of the group, come next week, Trump noted that there will be “dangerous remnants” from the group.

According to the president, the troops from Syria will be welcomed home “as countries in the region step up their commitments,” thanking the UAE, Germany and Saudi Arabia for their financial supports in the coalition. A timeline for the withdrawal of the US troops from Syria was not mentioned.

According to the president’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, “the United States is still leading the fight against ISIS”, he told the 79 nations represented at the event.

Pompeo assured the officials from the alliance in Washington that the United States was not backing out of the fight against ISIS despite Trump’s December announcement of troop’s withdrawal from Syria.

“We all know why we’re here – ISIS remains a menace, one that it’s our generation’s responsibility to stop,” said Pompeo.

“We’re entering an era of decentralised jihad and nature of the fight against ISIS is changing so we must be nimble in response,” Pompeo said.

Pompeo insisted that America “will continue to lead in giving those who would destroy us no quarter”. He said that the withdrawal announcement was just a tactical strategy.

He charged members of the coalition partners to put in more efforts, work together through cooperation to ensure that the ISIS group and its ideology are totally eradicated.

He urged all concerned countries to take ISIS foreign fighters and subject them to prosecution and punish them accordingly. He cited America’s active efforts to take custody of all of their citizens who travelled to Syria and Iraq to join the ISIS group.

According to the report, “Many countries are reluctant to accept the return of captured foreign fighters due to the difficulty in mounting a legal case against them and inadequate laws against nationals travelling abroad to join armed groups. Also, there lingers the question for many counties if they are able to make a successful prosecution of what to do with the former fighters.”

The ISIS group remain a major threat and until it is “eradicated” as promised by Trump, its fate is yet to be seen.

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