Virginia has America up in arms over proposed Abortion Bill

No women would go through 9 months of pregnancy, deliver a baby and then happily ask for her baby to be killed. And no medical person would allow a baby to die straight after birth unless there were no options. If the baby is terminally ill, suffering terribly or severely deformed – perhaps. But otherwise, there is no one in the medical world who would say “Yes, I’ll kill your baby for you”.

There is also no physician, doctor or midwife who would choose to end a baby’s life at 9 months, just prior to birth.

Recently, Virginia Democratic Delegate Kathy Tran made a statement that they would allow women to terminate a pregnancy up to the moment before birth. This means the woman, about to give birth, could dilate and still request an abortion bill. But her statement has been taken out of context; Tran is only talking about those instances where the baby has no chances of survival or of a healthy life.

Trump has of course, slammed her proposed abortion bill, calling it terrible, and having a good go at Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion movement. What everyone is not talking about is that nobody would do a late-term abortion unless there is no other option left. This entire story is about physicians giving their consent, the woman giving her consent, and there being NO choice.

The Virginia governor has explained the circumstances that she was talking about, and has made it clear she is not promoting infanticide. Of course, this is fabulous fodder for those who do not believe in any kind of abortion, now calling those who do believe in abortion murderers and evil.

Abortion has always been a controversial issue in America. Abortion clinics come under fire, and often doctors who perform abortions need 24-hour security. The thing about abortion is that it should be a woman’s choice and only her choice. She is the one who carries the baby. And any woman who ‘chooses’ to end her pregnancy moments before birth, would only do it because the baby is severely deformed and has no chance of a normal life. And even then, the woman has to do it with the consent of a doctor.

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