Confronting victim of rape, escaper from the boot camp filled with minors in the military – an untold story

Sandra Miller (not her real name) – after holding gruesome incident clenched within her for nearly 20 years, broke her silence and burst into tears.

“He was under 15 – he used his power improperly, he took advantage of his militia background, he said he was asked to do this, he leaned over me and assaulted me, tied me and had no empathy for me.”

Sandra, back in the days, lived in South Sudan where (to this date), approximately 19,000 kids are dreaded to in any case be in bondage. There seems no difference now and twenty years back, when Sandra was brutally raped.

Sandra tried to escape – but she was brutally injured. She was beaten to death yet miraculously survived. Later, a military officer found Sandra tied, he untied her and she spoke in a cracking voice – “please don’t rape me”.

Unfortunately, she was under the hands of the officer who ordered her to be raped. He took him to the nearby medical camp where she was diagnosed. She asked the officer – who we will call, Mwabgu “why did you save me?”

He continued in his harsh voice “..Because you’ve to be used further”, I cried. Fortunately, one thing NOT to worry was Sandra wasn’t pregnant but she was audibly upset with whatever happened with her.

She tried to escape of the horror. She never could. She ran out of the boot camp where she was captivated and finally succeeded. She could never forget the horror of the day she was ghastly raped.

You must be wondering, how did she get the guts to share this? This has an interesting twist to it! She penned her thoughts and shared that on a Facebook post in response to #Metoo movement.

She was enthralled after reading different rape stories and wanted to add her into the field. Furthermore, she heard South Sudan child rape and under 18 military agents who were still ordered to rape females. She was utterly shocked and her past flashed in front of her very own eyes.

She was more heartbroken, seeing so many females in the camp, too early to hold babies, and accepting their fate, in hope of peace and change.

“It’s very hard to read stories of those innocent angels whose teen moments have been taken down and they are fighting like me, crying; sobbing; wanted to be heard; preying for a shoulder to cry.”

Today, Sandra is married to an American Senator, and is a proud mommy of three!