Should US be Sceptical of Russian Military’s Presence in Venezuela?

The officials from Russia and Venezuela have affirmed the presence of Russian military in Venezuela. However, it has been claimed that the presence of the troops is just for the military co-operation, as a part of the 2001 agreement.

Photographs showing around 100 Russian army men leaving military planes in the Caracas have made the US sceptical. They have increased US’ concerns that Russia has begun increasing its support for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Amidst the increase in the ongoing economic crisis in the country, the US has asked Maduro to hand over the government to Juan Guaido. Maduro has accused the US for supporting the takeover.

Russia has denied interfering in the country’s ongoing dispute over power change and has asked the US to maintain a neutral stance as well. The Russian official has mentioned that the people of Venezuela should decide on their own, the leader they want.

The Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, “Military experts are there; they are tasked with the practical implementation of provisions of military-technical cooperation agreements. Russia is not changing the balance of forces in the region and is not threatening anyone.”

 As per the local reports, the army equipment is said to be of around 35 tonnes and was accompanied by an official as well. Upon being asked for the duration of the Russian military presence in Venezuela, she said, “As long as they need. As long as the Venezuelan government needs”.

The presence of the Russian military in Venezuela has angered US President Donald Trump. On Thursday, Trump mentioned that “all options” are available to force Russia to remove its military forces.

In a meeting with Fabiana Rosales,wife of Juan Guaido, at the Oval Office, Trump said “Russia has to get out”.

Elliot Abrams, the US special envoy on Venezuela, claims the presence of Russian military to be “very unconstructive”, which is forcing Maduro to look to Russia and Cuba as their allies. He also warned Russia that they would not be able to recover their funding made in Venezuela unless it “backs a path that leads to prosperity”.

The statements of both Russia and the US prove that US scepticism is in vain. The US should not become too sceptical of the presence of Russian military in Venezuela. For once, the US should learn to trust other nations, as this scepticism can ruin their diplomatic relations with other countries forever.

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