US President in a Historic Event Crosses DMZ, meets Kim Jong-un

The tide of foreign relations that is highly unstable can change anytime. While only a few days back North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump had differences over the failed summits on denuclearisation, the situation seems to have been reversed.

Even though the friendly relations of the US with North Korea might help in ensuring peace in the Korean peninsula, it also indicates the need of friendly relations between the countries in today’s world.

In a highly interesting turn of events, the North Korean authorities accepted the invitation when Trump invited Kim Jong-un for a meet at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) following the G20 summit.

With this meet, Trump became the first president to cross the DMZ and meet with Kim while holding the office of the President of the US. While the move can be interpreted as a success in the efforts of South Korean President Moon Jae-in, it can be clearly identified as a move to strengthen relations between North Korea and the US after the failed Hanoi Summit.

While the event witnessed Trump crossing the DMZ and talking with Kim, it also saw Kim crossing the DMZ to enter South Korea. While the meet between the two leaders is termed as a short gathering, it involved an hour-long talk between them at the Freedom House in South Korea.

Kim Jong-un, following the meet, told the media that the meeting symbolises their “excellent” friendship. The North Korean media has termed the meet of Sunday as “an amazing event” and the leaders have confirmed on setting the differences aside and to continue the summits.

As per the revelation by President Trump, the diplomats from both the countries will be scheduling to meet in the upcoming weeks for further discussions on nuclear programme. Trump said that prior and during the meeting, he was “not looking for speed [but] looking to get it right.”

One of the analysts, Robert Kelly, a professor of political science at the Pusan University in South Korea, termed the events of the meet as “film-flam” in a series of tweets.

The various events of the meet came out as unexpected and historic. However, the meeting between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump indicates towards a progress that might be treading on the path of US-North Korea relations.

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