Trump, Putin, and a Mafia State

The relationship between USA and Russia is dynamic, it changes every day. One day it’s the Russian President Putin, another day it’s corruption, fake news, molestation, money laundering, private deals, and golden showers; it’s hard to keep up.

And when it comes to the elections, Russian interference and the strange relationship between Trump and Putin, nobody knows what to think beyond. This may be part of the bigger plan, of course. Muddle everyone so much that one day when we call it The Mafia State and not the United States, nobody blinks an eye.

Let’s talk about Russia and one theory, and those people who believe in Russian-American collusion. Russia initiated a sophisticated operation to ensure that Trump became the president of the United States. They managed to pull off a coup. They put their man in. They wheeled and sealed to subvert the elections and install the president they could manipulate. And now Trump is sitting at the top, meeting Putin, working out deals and benefiting privately, creating a Mafia State.

There are many who believe this, especially Americans. But tell this theory to Russians and they will drink their vodka and burst out laughing. Because they don’t think that the Russian government is competent enough to do anything like this. They think they cannot run their own country, let alone manipulate another.

,We may never know the truth. Even with the Robert Mueller investigation, things are so murky, so mixed up, and perhaps so on purpose, that we will forever be in a doubt.

But we can start thinking about a Mafia State. Because journalists who know Russia well, are starting to look at the idea. And maybe this was always about a Mafia State. Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is under arrest. He worked for Viktor Yanukovych, who has dodged the law for a long time. He’s known to be a crook and a brute. He was also a president at one time, and is wanted in Ukraine for treason. He may not be the most savoury character.

Then there was Natalia Veselnitskaya and her relationship with the Trump family. Charges of lying to prosecutors, money laundering, connections to high-level Russians, meetings with Trump junior and officials and Republicans and allegations of corruption. Does this sound confusing? It is, on purpose.

We could go on; there is so much more. The point is, there is so much subversion of American democracy by a hostile power. Or is it this? Is it state capture on a huge scale? It has happened in South Africa. It has happened in other countries. It could happen to USA.

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