No Change in Demands as Theresa May Hold Talks with EU Leaders

British Prime Minister Theresa May did not make any changes to her demands during her talks with European Union leaders. This was surprising as the British lawmakers have earlier defeated Brexit plan during the month. This was reported by The Telegraph on Friday.

May instead continued to focus her demands around either a time limit that will be legally binding for the Irish backstop, which is a right that Britain can choose to withdraw, or to commit to a finalization of a trade deal before 2021 in order to stop the backstop from being a force to reckon with.

The backstop is actually an insurance policy, which has been designed to stop any form of return of border checks on the frontier. This is between Northern Ireland and Ireland, which are EU member states.

In talks held with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte,  German Chancellor Angela Merkel,  and also French President Emmanuel Macron together with Irish leader Leo Varadker, , May repeated her demands, according to reports.

May was also going to have a meet up with Arlene Foster, on Friday night, who is the Northern Ireland Democratic Unionist Party leader. The party has up to 10 seats in parliament and they currently show support to the Government of May although they are not really in support of the Brexit deal, according to what was said on Twitter by a Telegraph reporter. The meeting is also said to be expecting in attendance, the deputy leader of the DUP on the person of Nigel Dodds.

The deal packaged by Prime Minister May for the United Kingdom to take a walk away from the European Union was defeated by 230 votes earlier in the week. She however has made an appeal to the MPs to try and come together in order for the impasse to be broken.

House of Commons leader Andrea Leadsome said that a “No deal is not the desired outcome, but it would be incompetent for any responsible government to rule it out, and there are very good reasons for that. “Leadsome are of the opinion that by ruling out a no deal, the UK can forget about being taken seriously by the European Union, which is sure to weaken the negotiating power of the UK.

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