Second Blackout in Venezuela Screams for Help in the Nation

A second blackout in Venezuela on Monday spread over almost 70 percent of the country. The blackout caused all communications to go offline and brought in fears of the disorder caused due to the previous power outage, two weeks ago.

As reported on social media, the power outage began a couple of minutes after 1 pm (local time) and affected 16 out of 23 Venezuelan states. Similar to the preceding outage, President Nicolas Maduro’s government put the blame on the US for supporting opposition and causing the blackout.

The government claimed that the opposition damaged the Guri dam, origin of the majority of electricity in Venezuela, to cause the second blackout. Maduro’s government said the “attack” is under control and the services have been restored in many parts of the country.

In a broadcast speech, Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez said, “The damage that took 5 or 6 days to repair in the electrical system after the first attack carried out by the right-wing we recovered today in a few hours.”

The reassurances did not help in calming the angry residents of Caracas. After the subway service got cancelled due to the outage, the residents crowded the streets which were already closed due to traffic jam.

As per Netblocks, a non-government group situated in Europe responsible for internet censorship, said 57 percent of the country’s telecommunications infrastructure had been disrupted by the second blackout.

The Trump administration – that has been open about their support for Juan Guaidó, opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president – denied its role in the outage. Electricity experts and Guaidó held years of government corruption and inefficiency responsible for the outage.

Guaido, tweeted on Monday, “This outage is evidence that the dictator is incapable of resolving the crisis.”

With growing Venezuela’s economic and political adversity, many have surrendered to continuous disruptions in their daily routines.

The disagreement between the United States and Russia to resolve Venezuelan crisis increased on Monday, after the phone call between U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Both the dignitaries blamed each other for increasing the tensions in Venezuela.

The reason for the increase in disagreement is said to be the entry of the Russian army in the country to support Maduro.

With the second blackout ongoing and worsening political situation of the country, Venezuela is in dire need of help from third party nations.

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