President Trump is making a habit of meeting North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

A second summit is going to happen between the United States and North Korea next month, amidst a worldwide outcry after the last meeting.

Trump has already met Kim Jong Un to talk about denuclearisation. The meeting point has not yet been disclosed, and the date is still a secret, but in all probability, it will be late February. This second summit comes soon after the first, even though North Korea seems to be ignoring Trump’s demands of abandoning their nuclear weapons program.

Can these summits really help Trump?

There are many who think these meetings between Trump and Kim Jong Un are media opportunities for America’s President. It may look like he is making progress, although nothing has changed. 

Trump does like to talk big about his progress with North Korea and about being the first US President to lead such summits. This progress, if one may call it that, does not impress everyone. Kim Jong Un, a hardline former spy chief, is not considered trustworthy in many circles.

In the meantime, economic sanctions remain unchanged after the last meeting, which took more than six months ago in Singapore.

What does Sarah Sanders have to say?

White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders, well-known for her ability to spin any tale, has only said the summit will take place in February and that as yet, no location has been confirmed. She said that the previous talks with Kim Jong Un were productive, but that the United States was obligated to keep up economic pressure on North Korea, to continue imposing sanctions.

News of the South Korea Presidential office is that these talks would be a turning point between the US and South Korean relationships and that they would be the basis for a firm peace between the two countries and on the Korean Peninsula.

South Korea has said they would like to work with the US as well as other countries to achieve a complete denuclearisation. 

Peace in the Korean Peninsula, and a good relationship between USA and Korea is something that has been missing for a long time. President Trump and Kim Jong Un both want to take the top prize for being peace brokers. Will it be achieved? Can either president be trusted? Let’s wait and watch what Sarah Sanders has to say.