Nancy Pelosi Accuses Trump of Putting American Citizens and Troops at Risk

On Friday, accusations were leveled against US President Donald Trump by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She accused Trump of endangering the lives of American citizens, troops and civilians alike as he publicized a projected trip by Congress to the Afghanistan. There has been a sharp increase in tension among leaders as the partial government shutdown entered its 28th day.

On Friday, President Trump gave a sign that he would take attention away from the fight over congressional travel, and return to the issues of budget. He posted on Twitter that on Saturday, he is set to make a “major announcement” at 3 p.m. EST to address the partial shutdown and resultant humanitarian crises on the southern border of the country. The shutdown has unfortunately kept hundreds of thousands of federal workers without pay.

Pelosi’s accusation of Trump putting troops and civilians in danger, has however been quashed by the White House.

Pelosi was prevented from making the Afghanistan trip on Thursday by the Trump-led government, as a blanket ban was as placed on all American congressional travels on any aircraft that owned or operated by the government, till the shutdown continues.

Sarah Sanders, the spokesperson for the White House, has however said that the government was only making efforts to make sure Pelosi remains in town so that the negotiations to end the partial shutdown – the longest in US history − could occur.

Sanders said that Pelosi leaving the country would mean that the negotiations would not occur over the weekend, because she wouldn’t have been around to cut a deal. That would affect about 800,000 federal workers who have not received their salaries. Sanders also opined that it would be out of place and outrageous for Pelosi to claim that President Trump was putting the life of any American at risk.

Democrats however, have fired back, saying that no negotiations were ongoing. They claim to have received no request of any sorts from the White House as Drew Hammill, the spokesman for Pelosi noted.

Sanders said Trump’s address will occur, but did not exactly state where. With the look of things, the shutdown seems like it will spill into next week. This means that over 800,000 federal workers will continue to go unpaid, including some normal government duties will continue to remain impaired.

The Senate is expected to resume on Saturday, while the House of Reps will start on Tuesday after embarking on a three-day holiday.