Michael Cohen likely to be imprisoned by Trump government for lying on the Prez’s behalf

American President Donald Trump’s tenure has been filled with scandals, allegations of lies, corruption, deceit, collusion with Russia and abuse of power.  The public may wonder how much of it is true, especially with the spin that comes out of the rise in fake news. But one thing is clear.

The probe against lawyer Michael Cohen for lying on behalf of Trump has taken over 2 years, the sources are accurate, and investigations have been thorough.

Earlier this week, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his staff disputed the media report that Trump had asked lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. They said that Trump did not instruct Cohen to lie about a real estate deal between the President and Russia. This deal is said to have taken place during Trump’s run for presidency, and the evidence has been substantiated.

Buzzfeed has strong evidence Trump instructing Cohen to lie.

The story broke a few days ago when Buzzfeed announced they had strong evidence and offered proof of it. As soon as Mueller’s counsel disputed the evidence, Editor in Chief Ben Smith said he stood by his sources and reporting. They urged the Special Counsel to be very careful when disputing their report, as their evidence was strongly corroborated and could, in fact, lead to President Trump’s impeachment.

Peter Carr, a spokesman for Mueller and the Special Counsel, disputed portions of the BuzzFeed story. It was the first time when he had made a statement since the beginning of this probe, one of the many that began more than a year and a half ago. Carr disputed the Buzzfeed allegations that the Special  Counsel had learned about Trump’s directive, asking Cohen to lie from interviews within the Trump organization itself.

Sarah Sanders stands up for Trump, again!

Sarah Sanders, the White House Press Secretary, fast becoming a meme in USA, has dismissed the story as false. Talking to reporters about the BuzzFeed story on Friday, she dismissed the allegations as absolutely ridiculous.

Sanders, however, has been known to dismiss most allegations as fabricated, even when the truth is staring the public at their face.

Trump took to Twitter, as he usually does, to say Michael Cohen was lying so he could get a shorter prison sentence.