Japan PM willing to go ahead with expansion of US base despite Okinawa residents voting against it

Spreading the US military base more in Okinawa, the government of Japan would is pushing ahead. This vow has been made going against the voting result cast by the inhabitants of prefecture this Sunday. More than 70% of them voted not in the favour of the project in a referendum.

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe expressed that though his government “sincerely” admits to how the residents of Okinawa feel, it’s not possible to delay the transportation of the US soldiers who are staying in the central part of the prefecture, more specifically, at Futenma Air Station in order to increase the US base presently at Henoko anymore.

It all started 20 years from now when both the government of the US and Japan gave their consent on the project. It was planned keeping the noise pollution in mind. Another thing they focused on was to lower the number of menaces the US military aircrafts are is subjected to. The area that covered the issue is the town encircling Futenma.

This complement of the Futenma base is appreciated by the local govt. They, however, emphasised the fact that the US soldiers should not be transferred in a different spot of the prefecture.

The governor of the prefecture, Denny Tamaki, in front of the reporters, declared that the other areas of Japan should also agree to handle the responsibility of the US bases. He added that the mainland Japan should carry twenty-four thousand US soldiers who are presently staying in Okinawa. Needless to say, this Sunday the same idea was voiced through the votes cast by 71.7% inhabitants.

It’s known that the result of this voting bears no strong influence to control the decision of either of the government. Still, Tamaki thought of giving a try to convince the national governments of both countries so that they may wish to support what the local inhabitants dream for. He is also considering to visit both Washington & Tokyo in the coming weeks so as to speak with them and reach a new decision about the base.

However, what apparently is perceived is that his request will be given a deaf ear. To confirm the fact of what’s going to happen, bunches of sea walls are already built whereas new runways meant to be used by the US Marine Corps are also under process, which is a sign to retrieve in order to gain around 400 acres of land.