Iran not Deterred by Satellite Launch Fail

Last week, Iran made an attempt at launching a satellite into space, but sadly for the Iranians, the satellite never reached the orbit. It is understood that the rocket carrying the satellite did not reach a high enough speed.

Minister of Defence, Amir Hatami, announced the failure but said this would not be their last try. An attempt for second domestic satellite launch will happen soon. Before this can happen, scientists need to find out what went wrong and work hard at improving their technology for success.

America asks Iran to end making ballistic missiles

Iran’s failure to a domestic satellite launch comes at the same time that the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, issues Iran a warning. USA wants Iran to stop its space launch preparations immediately. Such launches and development of missiles are against the UN Security Council Resolution 2231, which Iran has violated in the past.

The Iranian Defence force has been working on their satellites for a long time and it will continue to do so, says Mehr News Agency reports. The first attempt failed due to technical problems that are now clear to the developers. As soon as the issues are ironed out, the second satellite launch will be sent into the space. 

There is no doubt, according to Defence Minister Amir Hatami, that the second satellite will make it. They have the full support of Iran’s Telecommunications Minister, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi.

Iran has a nuclear deal, agreed upon in 2015, with the United States, Britain, China, France, Germany,and Russia. According to the US, Iran is now in clear violation of this deal and agreement.

Iran denies violating the Nuclear Deal

Iran is clear that their attempts to launch these satellites into the orbit are not a violation of the resolution. They are testing missiles for defense, which is not against any of their international agreements. The 2015 resolution does call for Iran to do no work on ballistic missiles from 2015 and for the next eight years. Such missiles are seen as being designed to send nuclear weapons, used for warfare.

The new satellite, according to Iran, will go into the orbit in a few months. And it appears that not the United States, not Mike Pompeo, and no UN resolution, are going to stop them.

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