Hong Kong Protests: Chinese Ambassador asks Australian Government to not Interfere

It has been more than two months since the Hong Kong Protests commenced to oppose the extradition bill, which have been a threat to the democracy of the territory. The protests have come a long way from opposing the extradition bill, seeing the release of activist Joshua Wong and the territory witnessing an economic downfall, with business and tourism sectors taking the most hit.

However, the protests also witnessed few instances of the Hong Kong demonstrators where they resorted to violent means like vandalising the Legislative Council of the territory and the Hong Kong International city Airport.

The protests have also witnessed the Chinese ambassadors to different countries asking them not to interfere in the ongoing demonstrations as Hong Kong is a part of China and the Hong Kong Protests are internal matter of the state.

Chinese Ambassador to Australia, Cheng Jingye is the latest authority to ask the Australian government to not interfere in its internal matters and not support the ongoing protests which have ravaged the territory.

In an interview, Jingye said that the incidents occurring in Hong Kong are “solely the internal affairs of China” and any involvement in the protests is bound to fail. He further added that the protests had turned into “Radical, violent and illegal behaviours” and “certain radicals” are trying to Sabotage, China’s “one country, two systems” approach.

The Hong Kong Protests have also begun to create a division in the neighbourhoods of the territory between the protests and the law authorities residing in the area. On Sunday, the protestors gathered at the Victoria Park at 03:00 pm local time, wearing black, also known as the colour of the democracy protesters.

Cheng Jingye made a statement to the Australian media, after the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison asked Chief Executive Carrie Lam to work towards peaceful resolution.

 Jingye said, “Foreign governments and entities should strictly abide by international law and basic norms governing international relations, not support violent radicals, not interfere in Hong Kong’s affairs and China’s internal affairs in whatever form”

“We sincerely hope that people from all walks of life in Australia will see the real picture of situation in Hong Kong, act in the interests of Hong Kong’s prosperity, stability and rule of law.”

With increasing protests every day, it is becoming necessary for the Chinese government to resolve the ongoing Hong Kong protests. Since the Chinese government is not willing to listen to the protestors and is trying to curb the voice that any independent nation is raising through their ambassador, perhaps it is a high time for the UN to intervene and put an end to this conflict.

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