Hong Kong Protests Cease with Demonstrators’ Ruining of Legislature

After ruining the Legislature, the Hong Kongers finally saw a little cut-off from the long-going Hong Kong protests over an extradition bill on Wednesday. The bill that has caused wide commotions and huge disruptions in the Southeastern Chinese territory, despite its suspension on June 15, has not yet been fully withdrawn. This became a major reason for the never-ending protests that have been ceased for today.

The massive demonstrations against the Hong Kong government for the introduction of the extradition bill resulted in a total chaos in the city. The policies of the bill suggested that the Hong Kong government would no longer be responsible for looking into the city’s criminal matters, and the suspected Hong Kongers and foreign nationals would be sent to other jurisdictions, including mainland China for justice.

The Hong Kong protests, which started with the fight against the extradition bill, soon evolved into numerous demands by the protestors. Calls of permanent withdrawal of the bill and Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s resignation, as she opposed the protestors, became their utmost demands. They even called for the release of detained protestors without any charges. 

Fearing that the controversial extradition bill would thwart the democratic rights of the Hong Kongers, the demonstrators damaged the security systems, broke into the legislative buildings, and drew graffiti inside the chamber on Monday. The police used pepper sprays to drive them out of the buildings.

Later, the workers and ordinary people joined hands to take down the posters, cleaning the place. The Legislative Council (LegCo) President Andrew Leung claimed that the repairing of the headquarters could cost $1.7 million.

The city experienced a normal flow on Wednesday accompanied with rainstorm. People opened their businesses and shops as the protestors in Hong Kong remain dispersed. Though the government officials have been predicting more protests in future, there are many who remain worried about the overall consequences that have disadvantaged them in various ways.

Not only have the Hong Kong protests adversely affected the citizens and their daily routine, but also it has been damaging the country’s reputation in the global market. The government’s failed efforts in resolving the growing conflicts have damaged the social, political, and economic growth of the country, intensifying pressure on both the sides.  

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