Hong Kong Airport Resumes Services after Days of non-stop Demonstrations

Hong Kong protests that initially started in March, with demonstrations against the government’s extradition bill, have plunged the entire territory. The chaos did not spare the Hong Kong airport, which further led to clashes between the protestors and riot police.

The protests at the airport, which mostly remained peaceful, have been initiated since last Friday. Although on Tuesday, the protestors resorted to measures, obstructing the travellers from accessing flights. They used luggage trolleys to make barriers, while staging a mass sit down.

Observing the inconvenience caused by massive demonstrations at the Hong Kong airport, many other protestors apologised to the passengers. They even issued online apologies for Tuesday’s violence, while handing apology leaflets at the airport the next day.

Through the protests, they aimed for a permanent withdrawal of the extradition bill, which they fear would otherwise drive off the territory of its autonomy.

It has been widely apparent that with the increasing fears, the once peaceful demonstrations are now subjected to violent clashes. The immediate cause of the huge protests at the Hong Kong airport on Tuesday led to the cancellation of hundreds of flights as the demonstrators rushed to the terminal buildings and flooded the entire area.

The protestors even set upon a man, whom they thought to be an undercover police officer. This even heightened the chaos at the airport. The Hong Kong police’s acceptance of the fact that they had placed disguised officers amongst the crowd on Monday, gave rise to the protestors’ suspicions.

Due to the uncontrollable circumstances, the police on Tuesday clashed with the protestors at the airport. A policeman, wearing riot gear and brandishing truncheons was cornered by the crowd and beaten from his own baton. Though other officers eventually dragged him to safety.

Post days of disruptions, the Hong Kong airport on Wednesday resumed operations. While reopening the facilities, the authority claimed that they had achieved a temporary injunction that would halt the protestors from entering in certain areas.

The authority even added that people would be “restrained from attending or participating in any demonstration or protest… in the airport other than in the area designated by the Airport Authority”.

As the country entered the 10th week of continuous protests against the government, some of the Hong Kong flights appeared to be running as per their daily schedule, while many others were delayed or cancelled. The airport officials took additional security measures, while restricting access to the terminal. Only staff and passengers with valid boarding passes were allowed at the airport.

The anti-government people viewed the mass demonstrations on the Hong Kong airport as their fight for freedom and urged the passengers to stand with them amid their fight against extradition bill. However, their violent acts have been continuously condemned as outrageous by many Hong Kong leaders.

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