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Displaced Tawerghans Are Not Willing to Go Back Home

More than 48,000 residents of Tawergha town in Libya were displaced almost seven years ago. Since then, most of them have not been able to return to their homes for the fear of their lives. This was a report by the Human Rights Officials in Libya. Because of war, the town has been destroyed and most of the residents don’t have a place they can call home. The militants also stole electricity cable, which connects Tawergha to other towns. This is the main reason why very few families have decided to return to their homes.

According to Hanan Salah, it is the responsibility of the Libyan government to look for ways in which civilians can return home safely.

Human rights activists in Libya suggest that the International criminal court should investigate the massive abuses of human rights in Tawergha town. The most recent statistics show that more than 49,000 Tawerghans have been dispersed all over Libya, ever since the revolution that removed Gaddafi started.

The armed Mistara groups and the police were blamed for threatening the residents of the Tawergha town, who were returning to their homes. This was the main factor that prevented the residents from returning to their homes.

The people of Tawergha town were not able to return to their homes until the Peace Charter was signed last year. The representatives of the two cities had to sign an agreement that could help to reconcile the people so that they could return to their homes. After this agreement, was signed in the year 2018, only about 120 families have returned to their homes since December. This is according to the statistics that was given by International Organization for Migration.

The civilians who have returned faced many problems, which include poor infrastructure, lack of electricity and clean drinking water,  their children are not able to get education since all the schools have been destroyed. The Human Rights Watch was able to interview five families over the phone, and they mainly talked about the poor infrastructure, and the poor security, which was preventing them from returning to their homes.

The members of the Tawergha local council said in a meeting that all the private houses in the town, and also the shops had been badly damaged. The armed groups from Mistara were the ones responsible for all the looting in the town. This was according to the report given by the Human Rights watch. On January 1, 2018 it was estimated that about 1,000 people have returned to their homes.