Cricket World Cup 2019: New Zealand makes its way past India into the finals

The first semi-final of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 between New Zealand and India was full of uncertainties, excitement and quite a gripping fielding with the on-the-mark bowling. When the match started, the winning prediction favoured the South Asian country throughout the first innings of the match.

After the first innings, New Zealand stood at 239 for 8 in 50 overs. New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson partnered up with Ross Taylor to build up a fighting score of 240 for India. As soon as the Indian team came in to bat, the score predictor and every cricket fan talked about the high probable chances of India’s win against New Zealand.

However, the game soon justified its pseudo-name “game of uncertainties” as India stood at 5 for three wickets leaving the top order completely battered, opposite to the prediction of the score predictor.

From that moment, it seemed that the South Asian country would be not be able to make a comeback and qualify into the finals of the Cricket World Cup 2019.

Soon, India stood at 92 for six wickets with Ravindra Jadega and famed wicket-keeper M. S Dhoni being the only hopes for the country. The two went on to build a partnership of 106 runs in 105 balls. Former Indian caption Dhoni also kept the continuous downfall of wicket at bay from another end and continued to strike whenever possible.

The Black Cats with their fine bowling and the precise fielding left their South Asian opponent with only two choices, either to hit boundaries or see the run-rate soaring up.

But India soon lost its seventh wicket in the form of all rounder Jadeja, who scored 77 of 59 balls. With the loss of Jadeja’s wicket, the pressure mounted up on Men in Blue and to mitigate it, Dhoni lost his wicket too, completely ending the hopes of qualifying into the World Cup.

By the end of 49.3 overs, India lost all of its wickets with 18 runs still left to win the match. Even though India lost the semi-final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, it did give a tough competition throughout the tournament. On the other hand, New Zealand’s fighting spirit and efforts, which led them to the finals, also deserve to be praised.

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