Corrupt Atiku Abubakar has a lot of explanation to do to Nigerians

The people of Nigeria have an ongoing battle with corrupt politicians. Sadly, corruption seeps all the way through, irrespective of the political party the lawmakers belong to.

The latest party to come under fire is the presidential candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, who is currently in the United States. On his return to Nigeria, he is going to be questioned about the N 156 million that made its way into his account, when it clearly should not have had.

There are allegations that Abubakar has been involved in the collapse of Bank PHB. Apparently, Abubakar’s slush fund contributed to the collapse of the bank, which in turn led to Nigerians losing their money.

No wonder, Nigerians are fed up of corruption.

There is evidence of a slush fund

The Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, has said they have all the evidences. He also said he had made a personal appeal, asking the US not to issue a visa to Abubakar. Nevertheless, they went ahead and issued the visa anyway. The politician is now in the United States, and far enough away to be making his own plans or collecting his own evidence.

Mohammed has said that the documents in his possession show how Abukabar was issued a cheque for N 156 million on the January 13, 2009. They have evidence of the cheque being banked and put into his personal account. On his return, they expect him to explain to Nigerians what the money was for, how he was able to get such an enormous sum legally, and what was his role in the collapse of Bank PHB.

Interestingly, Mohammed has said he is not perturbed that Abubakar is in the United States. They do not have a problem with the US having issued visa, and said that Abubakar is welcome to apply for a green card and residence in the country, should he desire.

What Mohammed also says is that no matter where he is, Abubakar is going to be defeated in the upcoming polls, because elections take place in Nigeria, and not in America.