Canadian Authorities Collect Evidence to Ascertain ISIS Terrorist’s Identity

Canadian Minister of Public Safety, Ralph Goodale, has said that they are aware of the man who had joined ISIS, and has now been captured. Authorities are working to piece together information about the identity of the man, and how he became an ISIS fighter, including the conditions of his capture.

The man was caught in Syria last week. It is speculated that he may be a Canadian, whose voice was heard in some execution videos. However, nothing can be ascertained as of now. The fighter is in the custody of the Kurds. Canada and the Kurds do not have any agreement.

For now, the Canadian government can only monitor the situation with the information that is available. They are purported to have seen a video in which the fighter says he left for Syria in 2013 to join ISIS.

Canadians authorities want to understand what it is that leads their citizens, albeit just a handful, to join the Islamic terrorist outfit. Their priority is to keep their citizens safe and secure.

Who captured the ISIS man?

The man, identified as Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed, appears to be a Canadian of Ethiopian origin, captured by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces in Deir al-Zour. He was caught while attacking a military position, armed with a handgun and AK-47.

Terrorism expert and Professor Amarnath Amarasingam has said the man goes by the name of Abu Ridwan Al Kanadi, and is sure it is his voice behind a lot of ISIS propaganda. It is through this propaganda in English that citizens of Canada, the United States, and Europe join Daesh.

It is not easy for the Canadian police to build cases and find evidence against foreign terrorists. The process is difficult, with a war situation that is thousands of miles away. Canada works with its allies in collecting evidence and proof based on prosecution does remain the priority.

If Canadian authorities need to travel to Syria to collect evidence, they will. In the meantime, they can do their best to stop Canadians from joining ISIS by educating them about the dangers of being associated with a terror outfit.

Will Abdullah Mohammed alias Abu Ridwan Al Kanadi, return to Canada? Time will tell.

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