Buhari’s Supporters Unravel the Secret How Atiku Got an American Visa

The Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Atiku Abubakar paid a heavy sum to lobbyists from the United States, in order to bring his trip into the US to fruition. This was revealed by the Buhari Media Organisation (BMO).

BMO has however, claimed that, Atiku’s trip to the US will in no way take away a well-known fact that he had been indicted in a money laundering case after he was named by a corrupt congressman.

The statement, as released by the BMO on Friday, had the signature of Niyi Akinsiju, the chairman of the organization and the secretary, Cassidy Madueke.

The statement read: “The former Vice President’s eventual entry into the country after a 12-year travel ban cannot negate the US Congressional report that named him in one of four notorious cases of money laundering in the world.”

A 2012 report showed how Williams Jefferson, a convicted Congressman in the US, had contact with Atiku. Abubakar was in the scheme, described as an officer with a very high rank in the Executive arm of the government. He was said to have a spouse in Maryland, with the main aim of the scheme being, getting  favour from African countries, while influencing business contracts with those nations.

It was noted that Jennifer Douglas, Abubakar’s fourth wife, assisted in carrying over $40 m in suspicious funds into the United States. Included as part of these fund is reported to be at least $1.7 m from Siemens AG as payment for bribe, while more than $38 m were said to have come from little-known offshore corporations.

The alleged co-conspirators of the former Vice President – Siemens and Jefferson – have both been convicted. While Jefferson was sent to jail, Atiku roams free.

The BMO said they were not surprised as they had earlier raised an alarm that Brian Ballard, who is an influential lobbyists with close ties with US President Trump, had been employed by the PDP and Atiku in order to secure his visit to the US.