Brexit is a mess and Britain may need more time to negotiate its exit from EU

The date set for Britain to leave the European Union is the midnight of March 29. The day looms large, and the only thing that is clear is that, the British parliament is in a mess and nobody can agree with one option on how to leave the EU. The European Union has said that if Brexit does not happen before July 2, then Britain will have to hold European elections.

July 2 is the first sitting of the new assembly of the European Union. Should the British Parliament still be in a disagreement on how Brexit is going to work, the British will be asked to elect their own representatives.

British Parliament rejects Theresa Mays negotiations

Theresa May has been constantly under fire from the public and her MPs from own party for her withdrawal agreements that are deemed unsuitable for Britain. Although the vote for Brexit was a YES, it is now clear that the British people did not understand what they were voting for. The date for Brexit is near, and negotiations have stalled. It seems that Theresa May is going to have to ask for additional time to negotiate with the terms of the withdrawal.

Such an extension, although it has not been formally requested, means that Britain would have to take part in the EU parliamentary elections. If they don’t, there would be legal repercussions. However, as per the EU commission spokesperson Margaritis Schinas, no extension has been requested and such debates are just theoretical.

The laws of the EU treaties are such that every EU citizen has the right to vote in the European Parliament elections. This means that if Britain has not yet withdrawn, the British people could still vote. Schinas said that they would not challenge the laws, as guardian of such EU treaties, but has just asked for caution, rather than speculation.

Legal services of European Parliament do not agree

While Schinas says that the EU must follow such laws, legal services of the European Parliament may not have quite the same view. They feel that even if Brexit has not yet happened, the British should not be part of the election process. 

Britain in the meantime, is desperately trying to work out the best possible way for Brexit to happen. While Britain does acknowledge it may be obliged to take part in such elections, this is Plan B. It hopes that Brexit will happen way before July 2.

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