Brazilian President who won with anti-corruption plank face probe of suspicious money deposits

Dozens of unusual cash deposits have made its way into the account of the son of Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro. Brazilian financial authorities are now trying to identify if these deposits are suspicious. The deposits totaling over $ 26,000 (Reais 100,000) was made over the course of just a few weeks. The Council for Financial Activities Control (COAF) are not treating the matter lightly.

President Jair Bolsanaro has been involved in numerous controversies, and this is the latest to emerge. Bolsanaro, known for his far-right leanings, had vowed to stamp out corruption, and yet, these deposits reek of corruption. These transactions are being investigated.

Are these deposits suspicious?

The origin of the deposits, many of them made from an ATM that is inside Rio de Janeiro’s state legislative assembly, have had their origin obscured. It is not easy for the COAF to find the source of the deposits, which indicates that it is murky.

Each deposit was for an amount of Reais 2,000 and was made between June 9 and July 13, 2007. The fact that they were made from the ATM that known to be used by government and cabinet members, and that the transactions have covered their tracks, is indeed a cause for concern.

The news broke on Brazil’s nightly news program, the National Journal; while the detailed amount of money, dates of the transactions seemed unusual, the COAF declined to comment.

These are not the only unusual transactions

There are further unexplained financial transactions. A probe was done into the money deposited into Flabio Bolonaro’s driver’s account, and a deposit of over $6,000 was also made into the president’s wife’s account, Michelle Bolsonaro. 

For a President who is so strict about corruption, these deposits may show him in a new light. He took office on the January 1, 2019 and certainly has not had a smooth beginning. While the public voted him in, there may arise some regret for electing a president who has a money laundering trail.

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