The African Union has demanded that Congo delay their election results

The election results for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were postponed once too often which could make anyone make conjectures that the government is trying to rig the poll. Now, the African Union has asked for the results to be delayed because of such allegations.

Citizens of the DRC have been asked to be patient, first by the government when they postponed the results, now by the AU who are looking into the results. The Congolese government is determined to see Joseph Kabila’s successor, thought to be a hand-picked puppet in power. This is all part of their scheme – put Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary in power, until Kabila can be re-elected in 2023.

The DRC rejected on Friday an African Union demand to delay announcing the final results of the presidential election, compounding the turmoil surrounding a vote that many fear could fan widespread unrest.

These latest elections were to mark Congo’s first democratic handover of power since its 59 years of independence, but shadows have been cast on the attempt now.

When will the final tally be announced?

The provisional results are now being challenged in the Constitutional Court. A spokesman for the Congolese government has said he believes the AU does not understand Congo’s judicial process, implying they should not be interfering. In response, the AU is sending a delegation to Congo.  They want to find a way out of this post-electoral stalemate and crisis.

The AU delegation is set to arrive in Congo. The delegation will comprise of heads of the state, as well as the AU Chair, Rwandan President Paul Kagama, and the chairman of the AU Commission, Moussa Faki. While the Congolese government has said they cannot stop the AU from coming, they insist they won fairly and squarely. 

Opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi has asked his supporters to wait patiently and not to succumb to any provocation from the Congolese government and supporters. He is calling for national cohesion, confident that they will get victory that they deserve.

Congo is a wealthy country, but majority of the citizens are poor after years of corruption and poor governance under Kabila’s rule. Many who had hope when Kabila came into power have been badly let down. It was the people who voted, but if the poll is rigged, they have nowhere to go. The AU delegation may just be their voice that is so badly needed.